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Earthquake Preparedness
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Diablo's Earthquake & Emergency preparedness offers a full line of earthquake, and emergency survival kits tailored for corporations, families, and individuals. These kits include the disaster supplies recommended by the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency, everything except a credit card, and a pair of sturdy shoes.
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See the list below for pricing information. You can click on the name of the product for a full description and contents.  These Kit's are Very Popular.
ESK-02 Emergency Survival Kit
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Group Support Unit
Part No. Description Price * Part No. Description Price *
PSP-01 Executive Protection Unit $280 GSP Group Support Unit $495
FSP-05 5 Person Support Unit $360 CA-20 Aircraft Support Unit $390
PSP-04 Deluxe 2-person Support Unit $98 ESK-04 2-person Emergency Kit $76
ESK-02 Emergency Survivor Kit $41 SB-01 Survivor Basics $32
ISP-06 Ark III Starter Kit $20 TK-01 First Aid 'N' Travel Kit $7
PSP-03 The Traveller $66 LGS-1 12 Hour Glow Stick $5
* - Prices do not include shipping. CA residents add 8.25% sales tax.

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